Edge AI Sensing service release notes

January 22, 2024

Developer Site Renewal/Update

AITRIOS Developer Site Refresh and Update

  • Restructured the site and added Edge AI Sensing, Automotive and Digital Twin service category sections.
  • Existing AITRIOS Console and edge AI devices contents are now under Edge AI Sensing service category.

Edge AI sensing service category

  • Redesigned the Edge AI Sensing service category section to make it easier to find information.
  • All documents are now under the Guides page and they can be sorted by Type or by Usage.

Sample Applications

  • Added a a new sample application in the Sample Application Repositories section on the Guides page (Sort by Type)
    • Keypoint Detection Visualization Tool

Sample Vision and Sensing Application

  • Added a new Vision and Sensing Application. This is to be used with the newly added sample application, Key Point Detection Visualization Tool. Download the sample application from the Downloads page.
    • Sample Keypoint Detection Posenet Application.