AITRIOS™ | Edge AI Sensing - Console Developer Edition Release Note

March 11, 2024

Console Service

  • Support ended for edge AI devices with firmware released before 23 August, 2023 and also the AI Post Processing Layer (PPL).
    Update to the latest edge AI device firmware and use the latest sample Vision and Sensing application.
    See the Important Notice published on 6 March, 2024.
  • Added a new API (GetDnnParams) to obtain the model network information after the model conversion.
    See the following section in the Console User Manual.
    • C.2.2. Inputs and outputs quantization
    • C.5.1. dnnparams.xml
  • Added a new REST API (SetDeviceConfiguration - Direction) to enable rotation on input sensor images and preview images.
  • Improved stability.

See the Console REST API Specification for the details.

Sample Vision and Sensing Application

The following sample Vision and Sensing Application package has been updated.
The update is only to the URLs in the ReadMe text. The actual applications are not updated.

  • Sample Keypoint Detection Posenet Application v1.1.2 → v1.1.2.1
  • Sample Classification Application v1.1.1.2 → v1.1.1.3
  • Sample Object Detection Application v1.1.1.2 → v1.1.1.3

Sample Vision and Sensing Application are available from the Downloads page.

Cloud SDK

The following repositories have been updated.
See each repository for the details.

Full list of SDK repositories are listed on the Guides page.


The Guides page now has three sort filters: “Guides for New Users”, “Sort All Guides by Type” and “Sort All Guides by Usage”. “Guides for New Users” is shown by default.

The following documents have been updated:

See Guides page for the full list of documents.